The “Tough as Nails” Computing Series 3

The Right Computer for your Industrial Automation Needs

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The Series 3 line is a bold new class of extremely rugged, low power, and very robust single board computers essential for many automated and intelligent factory and distribution floor needs. These computers are developed with the highest level of quality of manufacturing for long term usage at budget friendly prices. With such a small footprint, these devices are meant to be placed just about anywhere on a factory floor so that they can perform various computing tasks without getting in the way of other activities. These have been thoroughly proven in the hottest of locations as well as some of the coldest regions of the United States. The unique mechanical design offers efficient heat dissipation for use in many inclement conditions.





The “Tough as Nails” Computing Series 5

The series 5 computer line is the crème de la crème of industrial computers and are composed of seriously rugged, high-performance industrial computers built for longevity in abusive environments. These technological wonders are built on the proven x86 architecture. They are made to take a beating and keep on working. Despite being fanless, formidable temperatures will not stop these computers from doing the job you task them to do. Nor will vibration. These computers will keep on working even with objects bouncing off them. The series 5 computer line was developed for information and operation technology teams that need real computing power in a compact space where only 24 VDC supplies, typical of industrial applications, is available. With its fanless design, these computers can be mounted in smaller spaces than a typical desktop of similar capability. Additionally, these computers are meant to be ran without a monitor, despite having display ports. With NOv8Tex offering long term support operating systems, these computers are meant to operate for decades without updates and upgrades. WLAN and WWAN are supported for all series 5 computers.

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