Our Tactical Information Management System (TIMS) marries software and hardware with a database to provide a complete intelligent solution for our clients.


Why Choose RFID?

RFID utilizes radio frequencies to transfer data. The basic RFID system consists of an interrogator and tags.

  • Our RFID Tags have read/write capabilities.
  • Data can be changed, updated, and/or locked.
  • Tags can be read through material.
  • Tags can be embedded in a product.

TIMS provides a complete logistics system. It tracks the transfer and movement of inventory


  • System utilizes business intelligence for strategic planning.
  • System is customized to solve your specific business needs.


  • Unlike barcodes, the RFID reader or scanner does not need to "see" the actual tag to read it.
  • Tags cannot be only read, but also written. Our algorithm allows for localized real-time data processing.
  • Scanning of inventory can be completed in a few seconds.
  • The complete system tracks your assets and provides highly valuable data such as location of items, movement of assets, and time spent on certain tasks.


  • Warehouses: Track individual pieces, pallets, shelves, or any combination.
  • Dealerships: Track the movement of vehicles on and off the lot. allows for localized real-time data processing.
  • Hospitals: Track medication dispensing
  • Educational Facilities: Track equipment and textbooks
  • Retail: Provide a faster solution to track inventory and customers to purchase items

Next Steps

Contact us for a quick Q & A session
  • We will complete an engineering study at your facility.
  • We provide a detailed plan of the system built for your needs.
  • We will install the system, integrate it with your current infrastructure, and test it to ensure proper operation.